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          2. SAP Hybris and MindTouch white logos

            MindTouch for SAP

            Unlock the Power of SAP Knowledge Central

            Sap Hybris Cloud for Customers' dashboard integrates support articles from Mindtouch

            Your Support Department Could Use a Smarter Knowledge Base

            With the SAP MindTouch integration, your support team will:

            • Close more tickets faster with your current agents
            • Maintain or increase ticket volume with fewer agents
            • Reduce the number of tickets you escalate to more expensive resources
            • Ramp up new agents faster

            Why Do SAP Customers Choose MindTouch?

            MindTouch boosts support performance and makes previously-frustrating knowledge base functions easy:

            • Create and update content
            • Content permissions and sharing
            • New support agent training and ramp up
            • Support agent performance and productivity
            • Search performance